Sunday, 15 January 2012


Everybody has been talking about Drive this year, and the trailer did make me want to watch it too. But nothing could have prepared me for what a brilliant piece of filmmaking this movie really is. It is goes beyond your typical action thriller.

Ryan Gosling is captivating in his role, playing a extremely talented stuntman, whilst being a getaway driver for criminals. He doesn't say much in the film, giving his character an aura of coolness and mystery that it very often tried, but almost always fails to be pulled off. Gosling has really had a great year for his career, he showed so much potential in The Notebook, it's great to see his talents being used in great films, films that the awards will take notice of. His driving skills are second to none, but the film is not just about driving.

I very rarely enjoy a car chase, maybe it's the fact I'm a girl, but the car chases in this film are truly spectacular. Not only that, but the scenes that take place in the car, with Gosling and Carey Mulligan, whether it be at night or in the evening or afternoon, have an intense but serene atmosphere- it actually feels like you are in a car - which is surprisingly - a nice feeling.

Mulligan looks lovely, and plays her part beautifully as a wife whose husband is in jail, trying to raise her toddler son, and who falls for her nextdoor neighbour - Gosling. The love story between these two is not what you would expect, it very subtle and beautiful, we really feel the love and tension between both, and throughout the film you are rooting for them to get together.

I will warn you, it takes a while for Gosling's character to show his darker side in this film, and when he does, there is a lot of violence. Not the non-stop violence which is over-the-top, but shocking violence, that can make many people a bit queasy.

There are some great scenes in this film - look out for the elevator scene in particular - and the soundtrack for this film is clearly going to be a favourite for people, and gives the film a greater feeling and ambience. I love it when a soundtrack can tie a film together completely.

If there is one film I have seen this year that you must watch, it is Drive. It is an intense, action fest, but with some great emotion, characters, music, and one hell of a story that will keep you gripped from beginning to end. One to watch - Ryan Gosling. This actor has one hell of a bright future ahead of him, we truly have a star here.