Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bette Davis: Both Sides Now

YouTube will not let me upload this video to my channel MonroeSmile, so for those of you who wish to see it, here it is...

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I've loved this song every since I heard it in the film Love Actually, and have always intended to use in a tribute. But it was only the other day that I thought it would be perfect for Bette Davis. In her films, Davis usually falls in love but due to her position, health or any other circumstances, she is prevented from having her happy ending. The theme of this video is looking back at life with experience and hindsight, yet still not understanding any of it. 

In my opinion, Bette is the greatest actress in history. A double Oscar winner, no other actress in the history of film, for me, has had more presence, more power, nor more spellbinding talent onscreen. And in an era where glamour and flawlessness was paramount for an actress, Bette took some of the ugliest and most unflattering roles, whether it was a horrid face or horrid personality- she didn't care that it repulsed audiences and gave it her all.

I hope you like it. The song is 'Both Sides Now' by Joni Mitchell.

Films included:
Mr. Skeffington, The Letter, All About Eve, Dark Victory, Now, Voyager and Jezebel. Thank you Doug for the Jezebel clips