Monday, 15 August 2011

Elizabeth Taylor: Memorial

Back in March this year, I had just returned from my day of lectures at university and as usual, checked my Facebook for any messages and had a quick look through people's status's. I then noticed that a beautiful photo of Elizabeth Taylor in Giant was posted by a friend, however to my shock and great sadness, the letters 'RIP' were above it. I was so shocked and gutted, that the world had firstly lost one of the last true Hollywood legends, and secondly, because the world had lost one of it's greatest humanitarians.

Unfortunately, one of the main issues surrounding Liz and her life is the fact that she had had eight marriages. But who cares, it isn't important. What is important to remember about Liz is her inspirational work for charity, and of course her legacy in acting.
Liz was one of those people you always heard about, and before I had actually seen her in a film I only knew her as someone who was considered the most beautiful woman in the world, who had violet eyes, and was married eight times. But then I saw the film A Place in the Sun, and my word I was literally stunned by her beauty. I was 17 at the time, and Liz was 17 when she portrayed Angela Vickers in the film. Immaculately dressed, with sparkling eyes, a dreamy face and a figure to die for- Liz was the epitome of the term 'movie goddess'. She was bewitching on screen not just because of her appearance however, but because of her enormous presence and compelling performance. For a 17 year-old, Liz had all the charm, sophistication and dramatic talent that made some of the more experienced actors in the business, look average. The first time she meets Montgomery Clift in the film, is one of the most memorable moments in film. She is wearing one of my favourite gowns, a white tulle evening with a flowery bust, and looks like a dream. Nor wonder Monty falls in love with her the first moment her sees her.

Her other performances like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Giant and Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf? to name only a handful, are outstanding, and stand like beacons in the world of female performances. There is a fierceness, a passion and yet a great subtly to all of Liz's roles that really are an honour to behold. A double-Oscar winner, she has been honoured by her peers, and deservedly so.

Aside from her achievements in pictures, Liz has raised more money for charity than most celebrities on this planet put together. Thanks to her, the urgency of tackling AIDs and helping AIDs sufferers became known to the world.
I did cry for a bit when Liz died, and my boyfriend asked me, 'why are you upset over a celebrity dying?' like I was being over-the-top. And I simply replied that she wasn't just a celebrity. Dame Elizabeth Taylor was one of the greatest women who lived. She gave so much to film, to humanity and to the world as a whole, that her losing her is a terrible loss. But thankfully, her inspiring life and works are still here in her films, her books and her interviews, to remind us of the wonderful things she taught us, and everything she gave. Liz Taylor will continue to be an inspiration to the world for generations. Thank you for being an inspiration is so many ways.

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  1. 2 years after her death and I still can't believe she passed away. That's proof she was more than just a star, she was a living legend and you almos wondered if she truly existed outside the movies! I loved her beauty, her talent, her character but I love how faithful she was to her male friends, Rock Hudson and Monty Clift, who were oppressed by the system. I love the fact she went against rumours and public contempt when she launched AMFAR after Rock Hudson's death and she finally embarked on a cause she was passionate about! Despite having a rocky relationship with Richard Burton, she sure inspired me to find this great love of my life (sounds corny I know)!