Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My YouTube Channel: MonroeSmile

I have been running my own YouTube channel for nearly three years now, and I am starting to worry that it might one day be removed. It is a channel dedicated to film, mostly from the classical period, with tributes containing music and clips. Many YouTubers who do the same as me have had their channels deleted without notice, and I'm pretty sure my time is nearly up. It will be gutting, as I have 545, 207 total uploaded views, 36, 416 channel views, and 1, 590 subscribers. My channel isn't as successful as say Pixiwoo or RayWilliamJohnson, but for what it is, it has done very well. I am incredibly proud of my channel, especially when people write their encouraging comments. 

This post is just to say that if my channel is removed, as I am sure it one day will be, that within a week at most, I will have another channel up and running, with a similar name and my videos will all be on there too. Thank you for reading this if you have, and thank you to everyone who has ever viewed or commented my videos, and subscribed to my channel. This post is not me trying to brag or get you to view my channel, it's merely a back-up for the future.


  1. I have lost You Tube sites also. I just create a new account. But, before I do that I copy an much as I can from my old site by using old identity and come in the back down without logging into my old site.

  2. I ment come in the back door.

  3. 2 years later and you have a solidified audience, your videos are amazing and people are faithful to your releases! Who cares about popularity or numbers? I love and cherish the quality and passion you've displayed in your tributes and they've introduced me a great deal to cinema and to you! xoxo

  4. Just did an entry on your "40 Most Beautiful Actresses" list ( I cordially invite you to check out my site, which has beeb up since 2007 and is dedicated to my all-time favorite actress, Carole Lombard (which is why it's named "Carole & Co.). Continued success.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for writing an entry on my video, and most of all thank you for supporting that the list is my preferences only (makes such a difference!). I've just shared your website on my YouTube - it's a fascinating blog. The images and magazines clippings you've included are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them!